Disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento gratuito per gli utenti di Vray, l’ottimo programma di rendering nato da due programmatori di Sofia, Vladimir Koylazov e Peter Mitev, che vi avevamo descritto in questo articolo.

Sul sito ufficiale Chaosgroup è disponibile il download dell’ultima versione di Vray rilasciata in data 5 maggio.

Sotto trovate l’elenco delle nuove funzioni, delle modifiche fatte sugli attuali comandi e i bugs risolti; segnaliamo che si tratta di un aggiornamento che, se pur importante perché garantisce la compatibilità con 3DS Max 2011 32 e 64bit, risulta di minore rilevanza rispetto alle precedenti versioni del plugin.

New features:

# Added VRaySamplerInfoTex texture and VRaySamplerInfo render element
# Added VRayObjectSelect render element which allows to extract objects with specific IDs into a separate element

Modified features:
# Added an option to the VRayPhysicalCamera to perform image distortion based on a texture map
# Allow the user to specify texture bounds for 3d displacement
# Added displacement slot to VRayFastSSS2 material
# Added “prepass id” parameter to VRayFastSSS2 material so that multiple materials can share the same illumination map
# Added displacement slot to VRayLightMtl material
# The color parameter of VRayIES lights is now animatable
# The min/max z-depth values for the VRayZDepth render element are now animatable
# Support for reflection occlusion in VRayDirt
# Support for environment sampling in VRayDirt
# Support for Particle Flow vertex color mapping and particle visibility
# Support for the “Use transparent shadows” option with Arch&Design materials
# The clipping planes for the VRayPhysicalCamera are now displayed in the viewport
# Added an option “show cone” to the VRayPhysicalCamera to control the display of the camera in the viewports
# Ability to save and load color correction curves for the VFB in Adobe® PhotoShop® .acv format
# Support for pixel aspect ratio display in the V-Ray VFB
# Support for anaglyph stereo preview in the V-Ray VFB
# Support for LUT color correction in the V-Ray VFB from .cube files
# Ability to display the value of the corrected colors in the V-Ray VFB pixel info dialog
# The “Dynamic memory limit” parameter can be set to zero to remove any limit

Bug fixes:
# Motion blur for Hair&Fur in “mr prim” mode does not match the “buffer” mode
# Occasional random crashes in 3ds Max 2010 due to progress bar updates
# Fixed invalid smoothed normals causing issues with displacement
# Fixed AA artifacts with thin bright lines when using Adaptive DMC image sampler
# Stuck buckets with perfectly transparent surfaces and GI
# Incorrect vignetting for VRayPhysicalCamera when using horizontal/vertical offset
# setVRaySilentMode() should disable the dialog for overwriting raw .vrimg files
# Missing reflections in VRayFastSSS2 when it is a coat material inside a VRayBlendMtl
# Incorrect bump mapping for GI when using time-interpolated irradiance maps
# Fixed artifacts with VRayFastSSS2 when one of the scatter color components is zero
# Fixed incorrect normal map with VRayNormalMap on VRayProxy objects
# Fixed crash with animated irradiance maps and objects with zero scale
# The color of VRayIES lights was not animatable
# VRayIES lights did not produce photon-mapped caustics
# Fixed invalid normals with VRayEdgesTex in the bump slot